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Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday's Ride - 1963 Porsche 356

These are not your grandparents' conservatives.

So, we have seen CPC MPs at Rebel Rallies, on the stage, as special guests. As well as being interviewed on Rebel Media podcasts. And who can forget the "barbaric cultural practices tipline"? We have seen Alberta MLAs on the right as guests at Rebel Media events as well. We have seen the level of discourse online and at the podium at events from Alberta's very vocal right. Everything from anti-immigration, vandalism at mosques, assaults on women in hijab, death threats to female progressive politicians, forcing female, more progressive candidates (for the Alberta PC party), out of the race for leadership of the party, illiterate calls for a "kudatah", suggestions that LGBTQ+ kids should be outed by their schools....

And the striking similarity of the rallying cries from Alberta and the neo-Nazis in the US. "Unite the Right". Coincidence? With Rebel Media personalities being active (and very supportive) in both cases?
I suggest that the right wing in Canada is very closely allied with the "white nationalist" movement in the US. Stephen Harper was a member of the ultra right-wing Northern Foundation. The roots between the re-branded conservative movement in Canada and the tea party/white supremacist/neo-Nazi movement in the US go deep.
We cannot afford a Trump. We cannot have racially-fuelled, homophobia-fuelled, misogyny-fuelled hatred live and active on our streets or in our government. Remember this. They are connected. Time will come to cast ballots in your province, or federally. Make sure you understand what the options are. Make sure you remember the very ugly underbelly of modern conservativism. These are not your grandparents' conservatives.
Thanks Norlaine

Enough of these promoters of hate and alt-right agenda

Rebel Media thinks Andrew Scheer is "our people"?
Next time someone tells you the new Conservative leader is "mild-mannered" or "middle-of-the-road," ask them why the alt-right thinks Scheer is "our people"?
At an event described as a celebration of "U.S. President Donald Trump's conservative agenda" by the alt-right Breitbart website, Faith Goldy of Ezra Levant's Rebel Media – a website that aspires to be a Canadian copy of Breitbart – suggested Scheer is cut from the same cloth as the Breitbart and Rebel Media crowd.
No kidding. In addition to winning leadership with the support of anti-abortion organizers, the campaign manager of Scheer's leadership campaign happens to be Hamish Marshall, the co-founder and director of Rebel Media.
After praising Scheer's opposition to transgender rights and a motion condemning systemic racism and Islamophobia, Goldy suggested his voting record is proof he's even further to the right of leadership runner-up Maxime Bernier.
"That tells you something about where Scheer's head is at and the fact that he's 'O.G.' when it comes to these issues," Goldy says on a Facebook Live video filmed on the lawn of Parliament Hill.
"He is our people."

Rebel Media praises new Conservative leader Andrew Scheer at 'pro-Trump' rally on Parliament Hill

Neo- Nazi's exposed in Canada

Hacked neo-Nazi websites reveal Canadian connections

Data exposes people associated with Blood and Honour and Volksfront

The names of dozens of alleged white supremacists in Canada are contained in files leaked by computer hackers in Europe intent on exposing hate movements, CBC News has learned.
The alleged white supremacists' names were revealed earlier this month by members of a loose-knit group of hackers called Anonymous on a website called, which is now offline.
In addition to emails and secret websites and blogs, the hackers uncovered photographs of children giving Nazi salutes at a gathering in Missouri, confidential legal documents and displays of Hitler tattoos.
The exposure is a huge blow to hate groups that organize online across Canada, said Helmut-Harry Loewen, a University of Winnipeg sociology professor and a member of the Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society.
"We can now begin to piece together a more accurate picture in terms of the distribution of these types of racist groups across Canada," Loewen said.

Awaiting orders from the Grand Wizard Stephen Harper I assume

Scheer silent as Canadian leaders condemn Charlottesville attack

Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer has so far failed to condemn the attack in Charlottesville, where a suspected white supremacists rammed a car into a crowd holding a counterprotest against a neonazi rally killing one person and injuring 19, even as other Canadian leaders took to social media to condemn the violence.
“We know Canada isn’t immune to racist violence & hate,” Prime Minister and Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau posted on social media. “We condemn it in all its forms & send support to the victims in Charlottesville.”

Tourists Discover... SCHWARTZ'S DELI

Hee-Haw Full Episode - Episode 124º(Johnny Cash, Jean Shepard, George Li...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday's Ride - MG 1100 2 door Saloon '03 1962–03 1968

Locked, loaded and crazy as hell - This is your America Donald, you incited it

Sara Knaus
Yes, I am aware that were multiple militia groups at that rally (Redneck Revolt, 3%, etc.) And yes, I am aware that not all of them support the cause of white nationalism and overt racial bigotry. In fact, if you belong to one of these "good guy" groups I highly encourage you to release a public statement condemning the vile displays of hatred we saw last weekend, and that POC have seen every weekend for decades.
That being said, THIS particular group and its leader have been identified so I really don't need every Tom, John, and Chad in the country messaging me to clarify that my post is wrong because they just read on some subthread somewhere that this is really a picture of group X.
I know who they are. They know who they are.
And America is coming for them.
There was an armed militia escorting Nazis and Klansmen through American streets and y'all are still focused on Tiki torches? Get👏 It👏 Together👏. This is the picture that needs to go viral. America 2017, y'all.
[Taken in Charlottesville, a block from Emancipation Park, by @HouseofRuin]


There is absolutely no other party or group to blame for the resurgence of the various supremacy groups other than the President of the United States Donald J. Trump Sr. 

White privileged Christians are NOT under attack from new Americans, Jews or Muslims but rather they are under attack by white privileged Christians the likes of POTUS who have twisted the truth, told outright lies, cut services, education funding, social program funding and have pointed their finger at immigrants to distract the disenfranchised American from the truth. 

Control media, control message, propagandize continuously. The gift of neoliberalism. The governments have shifted further and further to the right for many decades. Trump is the latest and boldest iteration. He has emboldened and empowered hate to move to action. He preached to their distrust in the American process and convinced them that he was their messiah while his intent was more nefarious, to create a for profit presidency.

He is gutting regulations and pointing elsewhere. His narcissism is so powerful he cannot hide it or his imagined entitlement. He cannot play the game the past leaders have played. He is the ugly underbelly inside neoliberalism. His beliefs and lack of appropriate statements tell all that is needed.

It is time for the people to take back America from their true oppressors the Tea Party Conservatives and White Privileged Christian extremists.

Don't Be A Sucker!

In 1947, the US War Department released this video to tell Americans not to fall for fascist rhetoric. Share this video if you've heard language like this recently.

St. Lambert Garden BBQ remembered

Thanks Normand

How to Handle a Person Cutting in Line

Thanks Kerry

Driving question

This is a tricky one, so think about it very carefully!

Here is a driving test question.
If you get it wrong you may be too old to drive.

Traffic Question?


You are driving along a narrow two lane road with aNO PASSING 
sign posted,
 and you come upon a bicycle rider.
Do you:

(a) Follow this slow-moving bicycle rider for the next 2 miles, or(b) Do you break the law and pass?

Which is the correct choice?

Thanks Graham

Teach him how

While reading an article last night about fathers and sons, memories came flooding back to the time I took me son out for his first pint.  Off we went to our local pub only two blocks from the cottage.
I got him a Guinness.  He didn't like it, so I drank it.
Then I got him a Kilkenny's, he didn't like that either, so I drank it. Finally, I thought he might like some Harp Lager?  He didn't.  I drank it.
I thought maybe he'd like whisky better than beer so we tried a Jameson's; nope!  
In desperation, I had him try that rare Redbreast, Ireland's finest whisky.  He wouldn't even smell it. 
What could I do but drink it!
By the time I realized he just didn't like to drink, I was so shit-faced I could hardly push his stroller back home!!!

Thanks Ivan