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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Sunday's Ride - 24' Chris-Craft Sportsman FOR SALE at The Boathouse of Madison

Well said

Zoe Spellman
Tell me, born to a Jewish mother, that I should have stayed home when Neo Nazis goose-stepped into my town. Tell me that I should have ignored them when they screamed "Jew will not replace us" on the grounds of my beloved university.
Tell me, a child of Virginia, raised, educated, and settled here, that I have no sense of heritage or pride.
Tell me, a student of history from the University of Virginia, that I don't understand what the Civil War was about or what each side was fighting for.
Tell me about how violently I protested, with my water bottle and cardboard sign.
Tell me all about what the statues of Lee, Jackson, Davis, and Stuart should actually mean to the descendants of those bought, sold, shackled and murdered, who have no such monuments of their own.
Tell me--no, keep telling me--I'm a race traitor, a leftist cunt, a dirty Jew faggot, and a bulldyke whore.
Tell me, who missed being hit by that car by about twelve inches, who saw heads split and legs crushed and bones snapped and who heard screams of terror and saw a woman die, and who can never, ever, ever unsee it, to 'just hear them out, because they're afraid, too.'
Tell me i'm equally to blame for the violence in my little town.
Tell me I deserved it.

As I always thought

Report: Queasy Aussies Killed Trump’s Casino Bid Over “Mafia Connections”

Government documents label Trump’s Atlantic City operations “dangerous.”

Australian authorities simply couldn’t stomach Donald Trump’s alleged mob ties, according to government documents published by Rupert Murdoch’s newspaperThe Australian, on Tuesday. The paper’s investigation reveals that Trump’s dream of building a casino in Sydney in the late 1980s was killed off by queasy officials who considered his operations in New Jersey “dangerous.”

In 1987, Trump had already opened two casinos in Atlantic City, New Jersey—Trump’s Castle and Trump Plaza—with Trump Taj Mahal on its way. He was looking to expand the empire Down Under by bidding for a spot on Sydney’s picturesque harbor in partnership with a local developer, the Kern Corporation.

When the state government officials met that May to consider proposals for the site, they were presented with a police report that was unambivalent in opposing the plan for a one clear reason. “Atlantic City would be a dubious model for Sydney and in our judgment,” police noted, according to a summary contained in government minutes. “The Trump Mafia connections should exclude the Kern/Trump consortium.” 

Also included in the documents published by The Australian is a fin­ancial report concluding Trump’s partnership had overstated estimated revenue from the ­casino.

Trump’s comments about the Sydney casino at the time foreshadow his bellicosity as president. From The Australian:

Outed.... Because you're wrong

Two Canadians at white supremacist rally in Charlottesville identified

A minute with God

 AMinute with 

I spent a minute and hope you 
will too.


With what is going on in the 
world these days, Heaven could end up a ghost town?
 My name is God. You hardly have time for Me. I love you and will always bless you.
 I am always with you. I need you 
to spend 60 seconds of your time with Me today.
 Don't pray, just praise. Today, 
I want this message to go around the world before midnight.
 Will you help? Please do not 
delete it, and I'll help you with something you are in need; even if just quiet time.
 Just dare Me! A blessing is 
coming your way. Please drop everything and pass it on.
 Why are prayers getting shorter, 
but bars and clubs are enlarging and expanding?
 Why is it so easy to worship a 
celebrity, but very difficult to walk with Me?
Think about it, will you offer a  prayer just now, or are you going to ignore doing so, because your don't have time for Me? Consider forwarding this to all  your friends. 80% of you won't. I have said, if you deny Me  before your friends, I will deny you on Judgment Day. What I say, I keep! When one door closes, I open two  more. If I have opened doors for you, send this message along to others,  bless them for Me.  Thanks!  God's been good to me, so I'm  forwarding!

Thanks Randy





You know .. Time has a way of moving quickly and catching you unaware
of the passing years. It seems just yesterday that I was young, just
married and embarking on my new life with my mate Yet in a way, it
seems like eons ago, and I wonder where all the years went. I know
that I lived them all. I have glimpses of how it was back then and of
all my hopes and dreams.

But, here it is... The back nine of my life and it catches me by
surprise...How did I get here so fast? Where did the years go and
where did my youth go?

I remember well seeing older people through the years and thinking
that those older people were years away from me and that I was only on
the first hole and the back nine was so far off that I could not
fathom it or imagine fully what it would be like.

But, here it friends are retired and getting grey...they move
slower and I see an older person now. Some are in better and some
worse shape than me...but, I see the great change....Not like the ones
that I remember who were young and vibrant...but, like me, their age
is beginning to show and we are now those older folks that we used to
see and never thought we'd become.

Each day now, I find that just getting a shower is a real target for
the day! And taking a nap is not a treat anymore... it's mandatory!
Cause if I don't on my own free will... I just fall asleep where I

And I enter into this new season of my life unprepared for
all the aches and pains and the loss of strength and ability to go and
do things that I wish I had done but never did!! But, at least I know,
that though I'm on the back nine, and I'm not sure how long it will
last...this I know, that when it's over on this's over. A
new adventure will begin!

Yes, I have regrets. There are things I wish I hadn't done...things I
should have done, but indeed, there are many things I'm happy to have
done. It's all in a lifetime.

So, if you're not on the back nine yet...let me remind you, that it
will be here faster than you think. So, whatever you would like to
accomplish in your life please do it quickly! Don't put things off too
long!! Life goes by quickly.

So, do what you can today, as you can never be sure whether you're on
the back nine or not!

You have no promise that you will see all the seasons of your, live for today and say all the things that you want your
loved ones to remember...and hope that they appreciate and love you
for all the things that you have done for them in all the years past!!

"Life" is a gift to you. The way you live your life is your gift to
those who come after. Make it a fantastic one. LIVE IT WELL! ENJOY
health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.


~Your kids are becoming you.....but your grandchildren are perfect!

~Going out is good.. Coming home is better!

~You forget names.... But it's OK because some people forgot they even
knew you!!!

~You realize you're never going to be really good at anything like

~The things you used to care to do, you aren't as interested in
anymore, but you really don't care that you aren't as interested.

~You sleep better on a lounge chair with the TV 'ON' than in bed. It's
called "pre-sleep".

~You miss the days when everything worked with just an "ON" and "OFF"

~You tend to use more 4 letter words ... "what?"..."when?"... ???

~You notice everything they sell in stores is "sleeveless"?!!!

~What used to be freckles are now liver spots.

~Everybody whispers.

~You have 3 sizes of clothes in your closet.... 2 of which you will
never wear.

~~~But Old is good in some things: Old Songs, Old movies, and best of

Stay well, "OLD FRIEND!" Send this on to other "Old Friends!" and let
them laugh in AGREEMENT!!! It's Not What You Gather, But What You
Scatter That Tells What Kind Of Life You Have Lived.


Thanks Norman

Dieppe Bell Commercial

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Saturday's Ride - 1939 Chevrolet Master 85 Business Coupe - www.CharvetClassicCars com


original comics, published occasionally

Sick, truly sick

Trump continues to embolden haters with this garbage

Sanity from the descendants of Robert E. Lee

Robert E. Lee’s Family Just Gave An Unexpected Response To Trump’s Charlottesville Controversy

Following Trump’s off the rails, impromptu press conference yesterday in which he again failed to condemn literal white supremacists and neo-Nazis at Saturday’s rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, the family of Robert E. Lee, in a surprising move, denounced the white nationalist groups who rallied to preserve the Civil War general’s statue.
“There’s no place for that,” Robert E. Lee V, the great-great-grandson of the Confederate hero, said in an interview with Newsweek“There’s no place for that hate.” Along with Lee’s sister, Tracy Lee Crittenberger, the two issued a statement condemning the “hateful words and violent actions of white supremacists, the KKK or neo-Nazis.”
Read the full statement here:


"A president is supposed to safeguard the most sacred American institutions, repairing them if need be. Trump doesn’t respect them. He has sought to discredit and disempower the judiciary, the free press, the F.B.I., the Congressional Budget Office. He even managed to inject politics into, and pollute, the Boy Scouts. This is the course of a tyrant."

The Week When President Trump Resigned

As the worst week in a cursed presidency wound down, I spotted more and more forecasts that Donald Trump would resign, including from Tony Schwartz, who wrote “The Art of the Deal” for Trump and presumably understands his tortured psyche.
They struck me not as wishful or fantastical.
They struck me as late.
Trump resigned the presidency already — if we regard the job as one of moral stewardship, if we assume that an iota of civic concern must joust with self-regard, if we expect a president’s interest in legislation to rise above vacuous theatrics, if we consider a certain baseline of diplomatic etiquette to be part of the equation.
Read more:

From the desk of Dan Rather

Dan Rather
23 hrs
The real Donald Trump has stood up... again.
There will be no pivot. There never was going to be.
There will be no becoming presidential. There never was going to be.
There will be no humility. No decorum. No sense of justice or empathy. There never was going to be.
We are far past the time for excuses, for anyone.
In one of the most surreal and depressing presidential press conferences ever, Mr. Trump said what most people dreaded but already knew. His blatant false equivalence between Nazis and those who oppose them that he said on Saturday, that's how he really feels - times a thousand.
With any other president this would be unbelievable. But with Mr. Trump it is all too believable. It is clear that he doesn't consider himself to be the President of the United States of America - no matter what his official job title says. Down where he lives he is the president of his base, which includes a lot of bigots and even Nazis and members of the Klan. Not everyone who voted for him is in this category, not nearly. But they make up a large majority of his personal base. And thankfully for all of us, this is a distinct (but frightening) minority of our nation. The vast majority of Americans are decent people of conscience. And I believe in the end this vast majority will prevail.
The question is whether those who defend the President, or seeks to normalize him or change the subject, will be seen as worse than enablers. Will they be viewed by history as sympathizers to the worst instincts of American hatred?

Well done America

Increased tourism, Donald? Should you choose to visit Guam sometime, the Secret Service may inform you that they don't have sufficient personnel to keep you safe on the island, and I don't mean from Kim Jong-un.
"The worst bombs that have ever been dropped on Guam were yours near the end of World War II. At the beginning of the war, you left us defenseless to the Japanese, knowing full well that they were planning to invade Guam all along. You safely boarded your white military wives on ships and sent them home months before the attack, but did nothing to protect us. That's right, the last time an invading nation that you said you would protect us from attacked, you surrendered in 2 days and left 20,000 people to suffer, many falling victim to the most atrocious of war crimes."

An Open Letter from Guam to America

BMW S1000 RR. Dinner for RR.

Thanks Randy

Photo the property of Jim Leggett freelance automotive writer/photographer - taken in Wendover Utah

Hello from Wendover, the town nearest the Bonneville Salt Flats. Thank you for all the birthday messages. Liz and I will leave today and continue on our road trip.

Friday, August 18, 2017

Friday's Ride - 1963 Porsche 356

These are not your grandparents' conservatives.

So, we have seen CPC MPs at Rebel Rallies, on the stage, as special guests. As well as being interviewed on Rebel Media podcasts. And who can forget the "barbaric cultural practices tipline"? We have seen Alberta MLAs on the right as guests at Rebel Media events as well. We have seen the level of discourse online and at the podium at events from Alberta's very vocal right. Everything from anti-immigration, vandalism at mosques, assaults on women in hijab, death threats to female progressive politicians, forcing female, more progressive candidates (for the Alberta PC party), out of the race for leadership of the party, illiterate calls for a "kudatah", suggestions that LGBTQ+ kids should be outed by their schools....

And the striking similarity of the rallying cries from Alberta and the neo-Nazis in the US. "Unite the Right". Coincidence? With Rebel Media personalities being active (and very supportive) in both cases?
I suggest that the right wing in Canada is very closely allied with the "white nationalist" movement in the US. Stephen Harper was a member of the ultra right-wing Northern Foundation. The roots between the re-branded conservative movement in Canada and the tea party/white supremacist/neo-Nazi movement in the US go deep.
We cannot afford a Trump. We cannot have racially-fuelled, homophobia-fuelled, misogyny-fuelled hatred live and active on our streets or in our government. Remember this. They are connected. Time will come to cast ballots in your province, or federally. Make sure you understand what the options are. Make sure you remember the very ugly underbelly of modern conservativism. These are not your grandparents' conservatives.
Thanks Norlaine

Enough of these promoters of hate and alt-right agenda

Rebel Media thinks Andrew Scheer is "our people"?
Next time someone tells you the new Conservative leader is "mild-mannered" or "middle-of-the-road," ask them why the alt-right thinks Scheer is "our people"?
At an event described as a celebration of "U.S. President Donald Trump's conservative agenda" by the alt-right Breitbart website, Faith Goldy of Ezra Levant's Rebel Media – a website that aspires to be a Canadian copy of Breitbart – suggested Scheer is cut from the same cloth as the Breitbart and Rebel Media crowd.
No kidding. In addition to winning leadership with the support of anti-abortion organizers, the campaign manager of Scheer's leadership campaign happens to be Hamish Marshall, the co-founder and director of Rebel Media.
After praising Scheer's opposition to transgender rights and a motion condemning systemic racism and Islamophobia, Goldy suggested his voting record is proof he's even further to the right of leadership runner-up Maxime Bernier.
"That tells you something about where Scheer's head is at and the fact that he's 'O.G.' when it comes to these issues," Goldy says on a Facebook Live video filmed on the lawn of Parliament Hill.
"He is our people."

Rebel Media praises new Conservative leader Andrew Scheer at 'pro-Trump' rally on Parliament Hill

Neo- Nazi's exposed in Canada

Hacked neo-Nazi websites reveal Canadian connections

Data exposes people associated with Blood and Honour and Volksfront

The names of dozens of alleged white supremacists in Canada are contained in files leaked by computer hackers in Europe intent on exposing hate movements, CBC News has learned.
The alleged white supremacists' names were revealed earlier this month by members of a loose-knit group of hackers called Anonymous on a website called, which is now offline.
In addition to emails and secret websites and blogs, the hackers uncovered photographs of children giving Nazi salutes at a gathering in Missouri, confidential legal documents and displays of Hitler tattoos.
The exposure is a huge blow to hate groups that organize online across Canada, said Helmut-Harry Loewen, a University of Winnipeg sociology professor and a member of the Canadian Anti-racism Education and Research Society.
"We can now begin to piece together a more accurate picture in terms of the distribution of these types of racist groups across Canada," Loewen said.

Awaiting orders from the Grand Wizard Stephen Harper I assume

Scheer silent as Canadian leaders condemn Charlottesville attack

Conservative Party leader Andrew Scheer has so far failed to condemn the attack in Charlottesville, where a suspected white supremacists rammed a car into a crowd holding a counterprotest against a neonazi rally killing one person and injuring 19, even as other Canadian leaders took to social media to condemn the violence.
“We know Canada isn’t immune to racist violence & hate,” Prime Minister and Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau posted on social media. “We condemn it in all its forms & send support to the victims in Charlottesville.”

Tourists Discover... SCHWARTZ'S DELI

Hee-Haw Full Episode - Episode 124º(Johnny Cash, Jean Shepard, George Li...

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Thursday's Ride - MG 1100 2 door Saloon '03 1962–03 1968

Locked, loaded and crazy as hell - This is your America Donald, you incited it

Sara Knaus
Yes, I am aware that were multiple militia groups at that rally (Redneck Revolt, 3%, etc.) And yes, I am aware that not all of them support the cause of white nationalism and overt racial bigotry. In fact, if you belong to one of these "good guy" groups I highly encourage you to release a public statement condemning the vile displays of hatred we saw last weekend, and that POC have seen every weekend for decades.
That being said, THIS particular group and its leader have been identified so I really don't need every Tom, John, and Chad in the country messaging me to clarify that my post is wrong because they just read on some subthread somewhere that this is really a picture of group X.
I know who they are. They know who they are.
And America is coming for them.
There was an armed militia escorting Nazis and Klansmen through American streets and y'all are still focused on Tiki torches? Get👏 It👏 Together👏. This is the picture that needs to go viral. America 2017, y'all.
[Taken in Charlottesville, a block from Emancipation Park, by @HouseofRuin]


There is absolutely no other party or group to blame for the resurgence of the various supremacy groups other than the President of the United States Donald J. Trump Sr. 

White privileged Christians are NOT under attack from new Americans, Jews or Muslims but rather they are under attack by white privileged Christians the likes of POTUS who have twisted the truth, told outright lies, cut services, education funding, social program funding and have pointed their finger at immigrants to distract the disenfranchised American from the truth. 

Control media, control message, propagandize continuously. The gift of neoliberalism. The governments have shifted further and further to the right for many decades. Trump is the latest and boldest iteration. He has emboldened and empowered hate to move to action. He preached to their distrust in the American process and convinced them that he was their messiah while his intent was more nefarious, to create a for profit presidency.

He is gutting regulations and pointing elsewhere. His narcissism is so powerful he cannot hide it or his imagined entitlement. He cannot play the game the past leaders have played. He is the ugly underbelly inside neoliberalism. His beliefs and lack of appropriate statements tell all that is needed.

It is time for the people to take back America from their true oppressors the Tea Party Conservatives and White Privileged Christian extremists.

Don't Be A Sucker!

In 1947, the US War Department released this video to tell Americans not to fall for fascist rhetoric. Share this video if you've heard language like this recently.

St. Lambert Garden BBQ remembered

Thanks Normand

How to Handle a Person Cutting in Line

Thanks Kerry

Driving question

This is a tricky one, so think about it very carefully!

Here is a driving test question.
If you get it wrong you may be too old to drive.

Traffic Question?


You are driving along a narrow two lane road with aNO PASSING 
sign posted,
 and you come upon a bicycle rider.
Do you:

(a) Follow this slow-moving bicycle rider for the next 2 miles, or(b) Do you break the law and pass?

Which is the correct choice?

Thanks Graham

Teach him how

While reading an article last night about fathers and sons, memories came flooding back to the time I took me son out for his first pint.  Off we went to our local pub only two blocks from the cottage.
I got him a Guinness.  He didn't like it, so I drank it.
Then I got him a Kilkenny's, he didn't like that either, so I drank it. Finally, I thought he might like some Harp Lager?  He didn't.  I drank it.
I thought maybe he'd like whisky better than beer so we tried a Jameson's; nope!  
In desperation, I had him try that rare Redbreast, Ireland's finest whisky.  He wouldn't even smell it. 
What could I do but drink it!
By the time I realized he just didn't like to drink, I was so shit-faced I could hardly push his stroller back home!!!

Thanks Ivan

The old cowboy's shave

An old cowboy walks into a barbershop in Red Lodge, Montana for a shave and a haircut.
He tells the barber he can’t get all his whiskers off because his cheeks are wrinkled from age.

The barber gets a little wooden ball from a cup on the shelf and tells the old cowboy to put it 
inside each cheek in turn,  to spread out the skin.

When he’s finished, the old cowboy tells the barber that was the cleanest shave he’d had in years,
 but he wanted to know what would have happened if he had accidentally swallowed the little ball.

The barber replied, “Just bring it back in a couple of days like everyone else does”.

Thanks Randy

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Now you know why there has been no condemnation of the KKK, Neo-Nazi's and other racist groups from Trump

Donald Trump administration 'wants to cut white supremacism from counter-extremism programme'

Plans reportedly underway to rename Countering Violent Extremism programme to 'Countering Radical Islamic Extremism'

Donald Trump’s administration is reportedly pushing to erase neo-Nazis and white supremacists from the US government’s counter-extremism programme by moving it to focus exclusively on Islamist terrorism.
American officials briefed on the proposed changes told Reuters the Countering Violent Extremism (DVE) initiative could be renamed to “Countering Radical Islamic Extremism”.
The reclassification would remove its work combating far-right attacks and mass shootings, such as the massacre of black churchgoers in Charleston, which are rarely classified as terrorismby American authorities. 

Wednesday's Ride - 1959 Chevy Impala 348 Three Deuces

Early reaction to Donald Trump--
"The President of the United States just defended neo-Nazis and blamed those who condemn their racism and hate. This is sick."
--Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass)
"Thank you, President Trump, for your honesty & courage to tell the truth about #Charlottesville & condemn the leftist terrorists in BLM/Antifa"
--David Duke, former KKK leader
"As a Jew, as an American, as a human, words cannot express my disgust and disappointment. This is not my President."
--Sen. Brian Schatz (D-Hawaii)
More reaction to Trump presser:

We must be clear. White supremacy is repulsive. This bigotry is counter to all this country stands for. There can be no moral ambiguity.
--House Speaker Paul Ryan
The response to this ideology of hate & bigotry, & the act of domestic terrorism, should be simple & united condemnation without ambiguity.
--Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio)
Just stopped on roadside to read @POTUS remarks. I nearly threw up. An American President offering a defense of white supremicists. My god.
--Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Connecticut)
The organizers of events which inspired & led to #charlottesvilleterroristattack are 100% to blame for a number of reasons.
--Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Florida)
Great and good American presidents seek to unite not divide. Donald Trump’s remarks clearly show he is not one of them.
--Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-NY)
My parents fled Nazi Germany. There's no "many siding" this Mr. President.
--Sen. Ron Wyden (D-Oregon)
What Trump did today is a moral disgrace.
--Conservative columnist Charles Krautammer
No place for racial hatred or extremism in @USMC. Our core values of Honor, Courage, and Commitment frame the way Marines live and act.
--General Robert Neller-Commandant United States Marine Corps